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Dr. Peter O. Mokaya

MOKAYADr. Peter O. Mokaya – Director & CEO, OCA
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Twitter: @DrMokaya

Summary CV

Dr. Mokaya who is a Director & CEO of OCA  is a Johns Hopkins School of Public(USA) & University of Nairobi Medical School trained Public Health Physician and Health Development Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the practice and management of healthcare with a focus on Preventive Health Care, Health Systems Strengthening, Community Health Development, Reproductive Health, Child Survival &Development, and HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and related policy and strategy imperatives.

He has related policy, strategy and implementation knowledge, skills and experience in a broad range of pertinent health and safety issues within the broader context of an eco-friendly and sustainable development agenda.

 Dr. Mokaya, among other accomplishments, has participated in and provided team leadership, in multidisciplinary contexts, in successfully executing various project /programme assignments which range from conceptualization, design and implementation to providing monitoring and evaluation consultancy support to a wide range of health development assignments across Africa.

In more recent years, Dr. Mokaya has developed a keen interest in preventive strategies that reduce disease burden arising from environmental toxins, DIET and related lifestyle behaviors, leading to chronic ill health and ensuing premature deaths; He has involved himself, in partnership with others, in a multi-disciplinary context, in developing & implementing strategies that build capacity and promote awareness creation with resultant behavior changes: The outcomes are sustainable lifestyle changes, that are within the control of each individual;

These include, but are not limited to; Diet, Exercise and limiting exposure to environmental toxins which, collectively, result in chronic ill health: He is a firm believer that an integrated preventive approach to addressing these multiple causes of ill health re: Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs), which initially manifest as obesity, which is a direct result of consuming a diet which is high in fructose corn syrup-sugars, toxic pesticide residues(especially in GMO foods), high chemical processing, with harmful trans-fats, leading to a range of metabolic dysfunctions which manifest as generalized inflammation: Recent research has shown that Inflammation is at the core of all chronic diseases including CANCER.

He believes…”Your Health is Your First Wealth”…

Going Organic in East Africa

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Organic Farmers

This is just a few names and contacts of organic farmers who work closely with OCA.



Organic Markets

The retailers buy thei food from the organic farmers and sell them at various organic




OCA works closely and directs traffic to the only organic restaurant in Nairobi so far.




OCA closely works with one processor whose products are certified organic.


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