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The month of June is here and with it the halfway mark to the end of the year 2017.

What else is also almost gone? We have only 60 years of farming left! Why? Due to degradation of soil! https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/only-60-years-of-farming-left-if-soil-degradation-continues/...

  • This soil loss issue should concern all of us and be a priority issue for all humanity, from policy makers to farmers, including consumers…but it is not!
  • Why? Part of the reason is because of prioritizing PROFITS over public good, by our policy makers and political “leaders; they are unfortunately,  “motivated” by multinationals and global corporations(and their subsidiaries) for short term financial gains, at the expense of destroying the planet and its people, through the destruction of SOIL!
  • Use of MORE pesticides and GMOs coupled with farming approaches that degrade the soil and increase global warming. The result is an increase of crop pests, like the Fall Army Worm, resulting in poor yields, which threathen food security, increase in hunger and malnutrition and chronic diseases, also referred to as  non-communicable diseases(NCDs).
  • Do we have evidence that increased use of pesticides, synthetic agrochemicals and GMOs, are contributing to the destruction of soil life which informs the health (or detriment of the health) of the environment and human health? YES. Here below some recent evidence:
  • GMO maize is increasingly been cultivated by use of MORE TOXIC pesticides: This is harmful to both the soil and human health: https://acbio.org.za/south-africa-24-d-stacked-gm-maize-biosafety-socio-economic-risks/
  • Evidence of pesticide harming human health, especially children, causing untold misery:http://panap.net/2017/06/cases-studies-newspaper-articles-children-poisoned-pesticides/
  • And GMO maize traders making MORE MONEY by importing non-approved GMOs from USA, into Africa via South Africa. See the commonality between GMOs and Pesticides? GMOs are the “Trojan Horse” for pesticide use and related PROFITS!

Way Forward?

To avoid the impending ecological and food security disaster, there URGENT need to sensitize and advocate for policy changes that can protect  and preserve the health of the SOIL, human health and mitigate climate changes; This is necessary to avert what i refer to as the “Triple crises”: This requires a shift from the current unsustainable PROFIT focused GMOs, biotech and patent focused,  pesticide heavy, soil damaging synthetic agrochemicals dependent approaches 

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