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2015 was the Year of the Soil: Are we any wiser about SOIL and its critical role in human existence?

Good People,

The month of December is here and with it comes the end of the International Year of the Soil!

Do we appreciate and understand why a whole year was set aside to think and reflect on the role of soil? Sadly, I suspect, a majority, don’t….many of us did not even know the year 2015 was dedicated to SOIL.  Here are a few reasons why soil is critically important…

  • All life is intrinsically linked to the soil…”from dust to dust”…”from ashes to ashes”…
  • Did you know that soil is as living organism? Here is a brief video by a leading organic soil biologist: Dr. Elaine
  • Going forward; we are advocating for policies, strategies and interventions that focus on creating awareness on the linkages between the “health of the soil”, NUTRIENT DEFICIENT foods and  UNSAFE foods, we consume, which in turn result in, MALNUTRITION…both underfeeding and overfeeding types!....and the increasing cases of chronic diseases, starting with OBESITY and including CANCER; hence the urgent need for promoting CONSUMER AWARENESS for informed choices on food & health matters.  See here in action:
  • Did you know that scientific evidence from more than 400 scientists, with  funding from the World Bank, and endorsement of more than 80 countries, in a four year study(IAASTD Report), recommended that government policies should shift from the current inorganic fertilizers and pesticides based farming systems(originating from World War II left over TNT to  make Nitrogen based fertilizers!) ,which has continuously destroyed SOIL micro-organisms and created a threat to  sustainable food security , instead, based on findings, recommended a shift to the more sustainable,  restorative ecological organic agriculture as the way forward?http://www.unep.org/dewa/agassessment/docs/IAASTD_EXEC_SUMMARY_JAN_2008.pdf
  • Did you know that the quality of SOIL determines the nutritional content of FOOD and informs the definition of Food Security and has a direct linkage to HEALTH OUTCOMES?
  • Did you know that WHO has classified some commonly used organophosphate based pesticides, like Roundup, used in soil to grow food, as CANCER causing to humans?
  • And finally, the “sick soil” based on scientific evidence, is being polluted with transgenic crops and foods(aka GMOs) and their increased pesticides application(or continuous release of toxins from the Bt. traits: Bt. Maize & Bt. Cotton): See here another video by renown ecological scientist:

For more, go to our evidence, at OCA,  here: http://organicconsumers.co.ke/news-updates/articles-publications-updates.html

Going Organic in East Africa

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