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Let us wake up and protect the “seed” else we perish…..

Good people,

February is here and with it the year has started to age, albeit slowly….

I just returned from Tanzania on an agro ecological organic field visit: specifically to Morogoro http://kilimo.org/WordPress/  and  Dar, at Jangwani Sea Resort, for the IFOAM Leadership Academy Course http://www.ifoam.bio/en/academy/organic-leadership-courses

Lessons learned:

  • Africa is RICHLY endowed with fertile soils and fertile hard working people…we have enough LAND and enough LABOUR…small scale diversified farmers can FEED US…
  • We do NOT need any synthetically factory manufactured fertilizers and related CHEMICALS to grow food to achieve food and nutrition security….
  • There is ample evidence that agro ecological organic agriculture CAN sustainably FEED the world and achieve BOTH food and nutrition security and food sovereignty…
  • We are the leaders and CHAMPIONS to create AWARENESS and provide evidence based information to our policy makers, scientists/academia, governance and leadership opinion leaders, at provincial and county level and at grassroots levels to understand and appreciate the need for this paradigm shift: From relying on EXTERNAL expensive INPUTS to grow “sick” food to LOCALLY available, affordable and farmer owned  inputs to grow “healthy” food for our consumption and trade, including local, regional and global markets….
  • Let us keep writing and creating AWARENESS and putting this information out there...the PUBLIC needs to know who/what we are up against.
  • http://www.nation.co.ke/oped/Opinion/bill-Gates-Philanthropist/-/440808/3058180/-/l99wo1/-/index.html join the dots....there is a connection between biotechnology aka GMOs, vaccines and concerted efforts to control "seed"...including human seed and reproduction of all species....some call it the devious science of Eugenics....
  • ...and how about the people "selling" us RoundUP as a "harmless" weed killer? Think again.....causes soil death, albeit slowly, broilers... fast growth for more yield(not caring about nutrition!), using recombinant bovine growth hormone(rBGH), with cows producing too much millk(for more profits!) but of poor nutritional quality…they have low omega 3 and low conjugated linoleic acid, compared to free range organically raised cows, which have higher content of those  useful nutrients.
  • Now, genetically modified mosquitoes, linked to microcephaly aka small brains in fetuses, carrying vaccines to “inoculate” pregnant women and children, loaded with harmful mercury and aluminum and other unknown "adjuvants" including, so called "carrier viruses"...
  • ...and very soon WHO will declare a “Global Emergency” and the need for VACCINATIONS.....guess who provides the vaccines? Big Pharma...guess who owns Big Pharma? Big PROFITS!!

And guess who has shares in Monsanto, the petroleum industry, agro-chemical industry and big Pharma and the Cancer Industry?

And remember WHO has WARNED that these chemicals/herbicides, especially Glyphosate aka Roundup the Weed killer, causes CANCER!!

And guess who is disappearing? The good doctors trying to provide alternative cures to cancer…. http://www.institutefornaturalhealing.com/2016/02/cancer-doctors-vanishing-throughout-u-s/

Way Forward?

We must join hands (and share knowledge) and create more AWARENESS, including shifting to agro ecological organic farming approaches …food sustainable food and nutrition security….so that our people know the value of the seed they have and protect the SEED...else we risk perishing….from the imminent threat….of wolves masquerading as sheep!

Going Organic in East Africa

What's causing cancer?

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