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Did you know that LIFE is being PATENTED for commercial gain? Is this ETHICAL?

Good people,

The month of May is here with us and with it torrential rains that have rendered havoc….it never used to be like this…a combination of global warming coupled with poor drainage and “population pressure”…signs of the times…”knowledge increases men run to and fro”…

 “Already just three companies, Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta control more than 50% of the international SEED markets”!

…”why are all these things happening?” I ask myself. As we speak, one of my mentors and colleagues has shared a disturbing FACT, that…”for the first time in human history, this current generation, in USA, will live shorter lives than their parents”…this is, increasingly, manifesting in developing countries, including Kenya:

  • Why? Simple! The answer lies in bad LIFESTYLES…junk food, in some cases, as in the US, loaded with GMOs and toxic environmental contaminants, processed chemical food additives, including nitrosamine; This is coupled little on movement aka EXERCISE. A sedentary aka SITTING lifestyle!
  • Did you know that sitting for 6-8 hours is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes/day?
  • And it is getting worse as animals, including experimental models, we feed on, are increasingly being “commoditized” for profit and commercial gain. Gene editing aka Synthetic Biology, an advanced form of genetic engineering is the technology being, recklessly, applied for commercial gain. Evidence? Here  it is: http://www.testbiotech.org/node/1489
  • http://www.etcgroup.org/issues/synthetic-biology
  • And much, more….

Way Forward?

  • STOP reckless gene editing aka advanced genetic engineering technology by applying the Precautionary Principleas per the Cartagena Protocol and subsequent Protocols…
  • BAN toxic agro-chemicals and environmental pollutants, starting with Monsanto’s glyphosate aka so called RoundUP weed killer, which has recently been declared a human carcinogen and been found in human blood, breast milk and urine, in addition to air and water!
  • What are we doing about it? Our two cents of Advocacy Dialogue to create Awareness and show the link between bAD food and ill health, especially the inflammatory types, which manifest with OBESITY and weight gain….we intent for positive behavioral outcomes….we need policy support… our  on-going activities…
  • JOIN us….we are now partnering with the Global Alliance for Non-communicable Diseases….

Going Organic in East Africa

What's causing cancer?

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Organic Farmers

This is just a few names and contacts of organic farmers who work closely with OCA.



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The retailers buy thei food from the organic farmers and sell them at various organic




OCA works closely and directs traffic to the only organic restaurant in Nairobi so far.




OCA closely works with one processor whose products are certified organic.


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