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What is the role of Nutrition and Diet in cancer prevention and treatment? New evidence suggests, in some cases, it is better than conventional medicines, especially if the food is ORGANIC!

Good people,

  • June has come and is almost gone! Busy, busy, busy!….and with that; “stress, stress and more stress”! Have you noticed how cancers have increased?
  • Some people say, it is because of increased awareness and improved diagnostic capacity. I have an epidemiology background and related experience, spanning over the last almost 30 years, and my “gut feeling” tells me there is a significant INCREASE in cancers that cannot be explained only by increased awareness and improved reporting. Something is amiss in the environment and with our diets and lifestyles; it is, partly, in the “processed foods” with high glucose/fructose corn/maize and other refined products(including unsaturated vegetable oils, like Eliantos-yes Elianto is NOT heart healthy!- and Kimbos plus transfats), which we are, increasingly, CONSUMING…sugars, especially REFINED ADDED SUGARs are unhealthy…add on agro-chemical toxic residues in the non-organic foods we consume and we have a dangerous cocktail(high sugar+toxic chemicals+transfats) predisposing us to cancers… even WHO has warned with toxic pesticide residues(and processed meats like sausages etc), like glyphosate aka Roundup and heavy metals… and to add to that; we don’t MOVE…we are SITTING TOO much!
  • What is the way forward?New evidence suggests that we can prevent and even reverse some cancers with appropriate dietary intake. How? Reduce SUGARs and carbohydrates, significantly and increase the GOOD FATS(like avocado, olive oil, coconut, all nuts,  and animal/poultry products which include eggs(organic aka kienyeji!) and maziwa lala, butter, cheese, ghee, tallow and lard(all animal fat, including chicken fat, is good and is ok to consume in moderation…remember the misconceived advice to peel off the chicken skin? Eat it!).
  • Do we have evidence of how nutrition and diet can prevent, halt and even reverse some cancers?
  • YeS: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/food-and-health/a-food-fights-cancer-better-than-chemo/?
  • Do we have evidence that NUTRITION, especially with agro ecologically friendly is the sustainable way forward for positive health outcomes and healthcare(not “sickcare”) outcomes?
  • Here is the evidence: This is personal evidence from two, Western trained doctors, including one who “cured”his own cancer using a ketogenic diet: an orthopaedic surgeon!


Going Organic in East Africa

What's causing cancer?

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