Dr. Peter O. Mokaya

MOKAYADr. Peter O. Mokaya – Director & CEO, OCA
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Summary CV

Dr. Mokaya who is a Director & CEO of OCA  is a Johns Hopkins School of Public(USA) & University of Nairobi Medical School trained Public Health Physician and Health Development Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the practice and management of healthcare with a focus on Preventive Health Care, Health Systems Strengthening, Community Health Development, Reproductive Health, Child Survival &Development, and HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and related policy and strategy imperatives.

He has related policy, strategy and implementation knowledge, skills and experience in a broad range of pertinent health and safety issues within the broader context of an eco-friendly and sustainable development agenda.

 Dr. Mokaya, among other accomplishments, has participated in and provided team leadership, in multidisciplinary contexts, in successfully executing various project /programme assignments which range from conceptualization, design and implementation to providing monitoring and evaluation consultancy support to a wide range of health development assignments across Africa.

In more recent years, Dr. Mokaya has developed a keen interest in preventive strategies that reduce disease burden arising from environmental toxins, DIET and related lifestyle behaviors, leading to chronic ill health and ensuing premature deaths; He has involved himself, in partnership with others, in a multi-disciplinary context, in developing & implementing strategies that build capacity and promote awareness creation with resultant behavior changes: The outcomes are sustainable lifestyle changes, that are within the control of each individual;

These include, but are not limited to; Diet, Exercise and limiting exposure to environmental toxins which, collectively, result in chronic ill health: He is a firm believer that an integrated preventive approach to addressing these multiple causes of ill health re: Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs), which initially manifest as obesity, which is a direct result of consuming a diet which is high in fructose corn syrup-sugars, toxic pesticide residues(especially in GMO foods), high chemical processing, with harmful trans-fats, leading to a range of metabolic dysfunctions which manifest as generalized inflammation: Recent research has shown that Inflammation is at the core of all chronic diseases including CANCER.

He believes…”Your Health is Your First Wealth”…